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3 Effective Bank or Credit Union Event Marketing Strategies

Posted by Eric Sivertsen on Jun 12, 2017 3:05:27 PM


It can be easy for a bank or credit union to get lost in the crowd at well-attended events and tradeshows if it doesn't create a concrete plan. It's important to take the right steps when preparing for a tradeshow to get the most leads and exposure out of your investment of time and funds. 

Below are three effective marketing strategies banks and credit unions can enact for their upcoming events and tradeshows.


Preparing for a banking event or tradeshow can be stressful, but you can cut that stress down if you create objectives that will guide you along the way. Measurable objectives are the heart of your campaign at an event or show and create the central theme when planning and executing your marketing strategy. Once you outline your primary goals, it's important to order them to ensure the most important ones are achieved, and to determine what success should look like at this event. You also need to make sure everyone understands the objectives, whether they are the people creating your social campaigns, designing the booth or running the booth during the event itself. It is important that everyone is on the same page so the goals can be achieved.


Keeping the conversation going is key - and not just at the finance event. It is important to create a communication plan for before, during and after an event, based on your outlined objectives. It's also critically important to create content to send out before you attend an event or tradeshow to spark interest in possible customers or partners. When you obtain contact information from people who attended, be sure to send a follow-up email to increase the likelihood of generating a new customer, partner or third-party vendor. Make sure to post during and after an event or show, because people’s interests are highest at these times. It's a great time to close on new business.

Pro tip: Be sure to make use of any event or tradeshow hashtags when posting in order to reach a larger audience!


When you show up to a tradeshow, you have to compete for attention. But if you are prepared, that will be a breeze. It is important to stand out and grab people’s attentions. Having strong, branded visuals, such as signage, and a backdrop for your booth can easily accomplish this. Another way to attract people is through a game or giveaway that allows you to obtain leads' information at the same time. Once you have impelled people to visit your booth, it's important to keep them there by interacting with them. Some ways to do this include giving take-homes with information about the services you offer or even utilizing tablets to show people part of your site, obtain their email or demo your latest product features and benefits. Remember to keep your booth consistent with your brand to avoid any confusion.

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