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Employee of the Quarter: Heather Covrig

Posted by Eric Sivertsen on Jan 3, 2017 4:38:39 PM


We're welcoming the new year by giving major props to one of our own - yep, it's time for another Employee of the Quarter honoree at Epicosity. This quarter we're recognizing a teammate with an incredible amount of drive, an unrelenting positive attitude and a highly valuable level of dedication. This quarter's selection is Heather Covrig, a member of the account executive team.

Heather has had a stellar quarter, managing accounts in an organized, well-thought-out fashion that's appreciated by both her co-workers and her clients alike.

But let's let the nominations speak for themselves - here's what the team had to say about Heather:

  • “She always tries her hardest to take on the pressure so as to make everyone else's jobs easier.”
  • “Her ability to empathize while still getting the job done is always appreciated.”
  • “She is incredibly organized and considerate of other people's time, which is so valuable in a busy office.”
  • “She's totally unshakable when it comes to her stress levels - you can never see her break a sweat.”
  • “She's genuinely friendly and outgoing to those around her, even on the busiest of days.”

Congrats, Heather! You're an Epicosity All-Star!