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What's New, What's Coming: Takeaways from Facebook's F8 2017

Posted by Skyler Crabill on Apr 20, 2017 4:07:50 PM


Mark Zuckerberg likes to dream big. And then to turn those dreams into reality. This year at Facebook's F8 Developer Conference he was dreaming big.

Here is a rundown of developments worth mentioning that were introduced at this year's F8 (for those action-movie enthusiasts, not to be confused with The Fate of the Furious).


Augmented Reality

This is undoubtedly the biggest emphasis of F8. Zuckerberg mentioned how this is going to be the next great thing to come to our smartphones. He showed us a few tools that will give users the ability to place virtual objects in real places. This could range from a drink recommendation at a bar that can only be seen through your smartphone's camera, to even just a friendly virtual note to your spouse at home. As marketers, this opens the door to a whole new world.


Virtual Reality

Have you been thinking about getting a VR headset like the Oculus Rift? This might just be the turning point that makes it a viable option. Introducing Facebook Spaces. After you make your cartoon avatar (Ready Player One foreshadowing), your friends can now hang out in a virtual world literally anywhere you can imagine.



Facebook is trying to take over the world, and it has its targets set on how we message each other. With the new Messenger updates, we are promised a multilevel experience. Soon we'll be able to share Spotify songs, purchase goods and even play some of our favorite games like Words With Friends all within the app and never have to open up another window. A huge emphasis on everything being built within the app and making an effort to have everything all in one place.


Chat Bots

Chat bots aren’t a new idea, but Facebook, as always, has plans to make it a part of our everyday lives. With “Chat Extensions,” a bot can now help a group of people get something accomplished. Imagine being in a group chat with some friends as you are trying to plan a trip, and you are all able to use Kayak to plan a trip, make reservations and pay for it within the app, never having to open another app or screen.

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