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3 Customer Opportunities Your Agriculture Brand is Missing

Justin Smorawske


You put out the magazine ad. You developed your catalog. You sent out a mailer or two to your key markets. But what else can your agriculture or ag technology brand be doing to reach more consumers and drive more sales? There are ample opportunities to build your agriculture brand.

Here are three opportunities you may be missing out on in your agriculture marketing strategy.

The Power of Video

It's an indisputable fact - video has played a much larger role in social media consumption in recent years, and this applies to agriculture marketing as well. According to a recent study, watching a video increases the likelihood of an inevitable purchase by 64 percent. Luckily this is an area that hasn't been fully embraced by ag marketers on the whole.

The opportunity: Show your products and services in action - in the field, in facilities, on the road - via paid media and video content. And tell that story effectively with high-quality footage and evocative narration. Embrace video-friendly platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to get out ahead of your competition before they come to the same conclusions.

The Power of Posting

Your internal team is a powerful force for your agriculture marketing strategy. You likely bring with you a variety of expertises among the lot of you, so why not capitalize on this by positioning them as industry thought leaders? Work up content in the form of articles or blogs hosted on your site or elsewhere that will resonate with your end consumer (i.e., farmers, producers, agronomists, etc.).

The opportunity: You have a secret weapon at your disposal that's a low-cost solution to getting more traffic to and attention on your website. An in-house team can offer worthwhile material that your customers will engage with both natively and on your social presences. It endears your customers to your crew and builds your brand as a useful helper.

The Power of Speaking

There's a reason the top brands in any retail sector are led by notable executives with name-recognition beyond the company's brand itself. They engage with consumers where they're at, and they position themselves as visible thought leaders. Your agriculture brand could benefit from putting your best and brightest company leaders in front of key audiences, talking both about your product and the current state and future of the industry on the whole.

The opportunity: Your company leaders have great insight into what's going on in the industry - they're the boots on the ground. That's why finding opportunities for speaking engagements at conventions, conferences and other events endears you to the industry at large. Even better, finding opportunities to speak at schools through extension programs or colleges or universities with agriculture programs places you in front of your future customer base - those passionate enough about ag to take up the trade in the coming years.

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