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3 Signs of a Trustworthy Design Agency

Kristi Wire

Committing to an agency relationship takes a lot of trust and a lot of faith. That's why selecting a design agency to take your visual marketing to the next level is so critical. There's just one problem: How do you find this magical, trustworthy design agency?

Here are a few signs to look for when you're sussing out your options.

1. They focus on relationship-building

When we invest in our coworkers and clients, trust becomes the foundation for the creative process. Design takes a lot of courage to confront the challenges, unknown variables and changes that may occur when developing a creative strategy. When we focus our attentions on the needs of others, to collaborate with each other, it becomes this contagious, win-win kind of environment of which anybody would want to be a part. 

2. They share alternative solutions 

If there is an opportunity to push an idea further to help a business in a new way, would you want an agency to share the concept with you?  Of course! When a trustworthy design agency looks at a client relationship, it sees a partnership opportunity in sharing new ideas and accomplishing big picture visions, tossing the "same ol', same ol'" turn-and-burn vendor way of life out the window.

3. They analyze potential outcomes before they happen

We live in the now, and it’s a challenge to know what’s going to happen next. Design, in itself, is hard to measure - how do you define a design’s success before it has been created? By trusting your designer and giving him or her time to research scenarios containing obstacles/successes within different stages of the design process. Asking questions that start with the words "what," "how" and "why" gives everyone a better understanding of what Company X wants, how to effectively achieve Company X’s goals through design aesthetics and why it's important to focus on these goals before hitting the pavement . This way of thinking saves a lot of time and  creates an open, honest dialogue with all parties involved.

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