Chatbots allow your university to answer students' and potential students' questions efficiently. They help students find the information they need quickly and can ease the admissions process.

Read on for three ways chatbots could positively impact your college admissions.

Streamline Student Interaction

Chatbots can help students navigate the admissions process and answer questions that may come up along the way. Students communicate with chatbots through text, Facebook Messenger and email, and they are able to receive an immediate response rather than wait for a live person to respond with the answer. This helps students finish the admissions process more quickly, and it can free up time commitment on your admissions staff's behalf when it comes to easy-to-answer and frequently asked questions.

Increase Number of Enrolled Students

Georgia State University has embraced chatbot technology and credits it with increasing the number of students who enrolled successfully. Chatbots can help students with processes, such as filling out a FASFA or other complex steps, providing support and answers to specific questions. Getting answers quickly and completing the process correctly can lead to the successful enrollment of more students.

Shape Future Campaigns

Information collected from potential students via use of a chatbot can offer your team information for future marketing opportunities. Knowing the most frequently asked questions can provide direction for the next campaign your college runs, as well as helps optimize the back-end structure of the chatbot to make it even more useful to the end user. This can put you ahead of the game and answer the likeliest question before your potential student recruits get a chance to ask.

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