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4 Effective Ways to Market Your Hospital or Clinic's Physician Team

Justin Smorawske


As every healthcare marketer knows, your physician care team is the lifeblood of your clinic. Though it's easy to simply market the care you provide, patients often directly associate their quality of care with the physician that treated them. So the question remains—how do you market a hospital or clinic's physician team?

Check out these four effective ways to put your physicians in the public eye.

1. Announce Arrivals

This may seem obvious to some, but one of the easiest ways to market your physicians is to hype their arrivals. Adding a new physician to your team is exciting and newsworthy, so make it a big deal! Use the opportunity to welcome them across all of your public platforms. Write a blog about the physician's experience, make social posts on all your channels announcing his or her arrival and send out press releases to inform media outlets of your new addition. The more ways you share the news, the more exposure your clinic and your new physician will get.

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2. Tell Their Stories

Now more than ever, patients want to know everything about their healthcare journeys—including their physicians. Gone are the days of nameless doctors in white coats poking and prodding at their patients. Nowadays, patients heavily research their physicians and make healthcare decisions based on their findings. In this case, the old adage of "no news is good news" doesn't hold up. If your hospital or clinic's website doesn't have personal bios for each of your physicians, it may just be enough to send prospective patients searching elsewhere.

3. Use Video

You've probably already heard about the benefits of video for clinic marketing, but video can be especially effective when it comes to humanizing and putting a face to the names of your physicians on your website. Adding a short, simple video of each of your physicians talking about their practices and why they got into the medical field can do wonders in terms of marketing your physicians and demonstrating their personalities to patients.

4. Share Their Knowledge

Patients often browse the internet for solutions to medical problems before coming in to see a professional. This is the perfect opportunity for your physicians to make first contact with potential patients. The benefits of expert-driven content on your website cannot be overstated, and, by developing content that helps the general public, your physicians will be seen as experts before patients even stop into your clinic.

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