So you're about to market your event online—where should you even start? There are countless ways to get more registrants to your event, but there are a few pre-, mid- and post-event strategies that need to be included in your next presentation, conference or tradeshow. Here are some of them.

Live Updating

Enable your attendees to engage with the event from wherever they are - and for the duration of the event, not just leading up to it. Grant yourself a hashtag. Promote it on social prior to and during the event, and practice what you preach - post regularly and on the fly to provide updates, insights and imagery, video and quotes from speakers and presenters. And if you're up to it, live stream key parts of your event and encourage fans who aren't present to tune in on your Facebook page to see it for themselves. After all, according to Facebook, users spend three times as much time watching live videos as they would a pretaped video.

Targeted Social

Get creative with your social accounts when it comes to promoting and managing an event digitally. You can do more than simply live blog, live tweet or live stream - you can engage your fans and customers with customizable content they can make their own. Take Snapchat Geofilters, for example - design your own event-specific Snapchat filter, select the time and GPS-mapped location where you'd like the filter to be live and pay a nominal fee to get a whole lot of engagement from your attendees. Plus, added bonus: You'll have access to loads of event imagery provided by those in attendance that you can use in future promotions. Snapchat currently charges $5 per 20,000 square feet, so this is a wise and low-cost investment.

Paid Search

A surefire way to drive more attendees to your event is to drop a little bit of budget on paid search efforts. If you define targeted parameters by desired regions and long-tail-keyword search terms, you can push leads to a landing page to register for your event and perhaps even take another desired action. Create a landing page specific to your event that offers something of value that could convert additional leads, whether it's subscribing to updates or downloading a useful piece of content. According to Google's "Economic Impact" report, businesses generally make on average $2 for every $1 spent on Google AdWords - that's a strong return on investment.

Lead Collection

We're all used to the fishbowl at the booth to collect business cards. But to liven up your event marketing strategy, try to reinvent the wheel on that tried-and-true favorite. Attract customers to your booth or display with live demos of your products, screens and all, and offer up a worthwhile and pertinent giveaway to spur the business card collection. And once the event is over, connect with all your collected business-card-owners on LinkedIn in a timely manner - and send a customized follow-up message within the first few days post-event.

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