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4 Measurable Ways Investing in Creative Impacts Your Bottom Line

Andrew Helland

Art, paintings, music, books, theatre—it’s all subjective, isn’t it? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? While that is correct, businesses do use art for quantitative reasons. Commercials, billboards, web ads and storytelling in general are pieces of creative marketing that all have the same objective. Creatives are trying to catch a consumer’s attention. Your business’s message can have a valuable significance.

Let’s talk about the value of creativity and how it can impact your brand’s bottom line.


A successful advertising or marketing campaign is usually defined by sales. If your latest campaign is causing customers to purchase your product, you’ve not only succeeded but have also proved how creative affects revenue. An easy, measurable way to see how effective a campaign may be is by how your sales have increased or decreased after your campaign. Consumers take note when advertisements are creative, and awareness helps drive sales.


Gaining prospective customers or solidifying loyal customers is another important cause of creative marketing. Maintain or create new relationships with customers through engaging marketing. Interactive ads and marketing can resonate with a customer on an emotional level and help turn attraction into action. The larger your market share is, the more your business will thrive.  


Emphasizing creativity at your business will attract and retain creative talent. If your business has a reputation and standard of being creative innovators, this can enhance employees’ job satisfaction and result in a stronger ROI. An engaged workforce can impact and drive venue.


Your brand’s perception is highly related to your creative output and bottom line. An effective and creative marketing campaign can clarify your vision, products and goals more clearly than any mission statement. With a better idea of your brand, customers may consider you more often when potential problems arise.

Without creative ideas, businesses can fall flat. Nowadays, almost everywhere you look is cluttered with creative marketing, whether it’s while scrolling through Instagram or just reading the newspaper. Stand out from the noise with creative marketing, and watch your business thrive.

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