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4 Point-of-Sale Promotion Ideas Your Bank Should Try

Justin Smorawske


Though it may seem like your brick-and-mortar branches don't carry the same weight they used to, there's still a great deal of merit in upgrading your point-of-sale experience for your banks or credit union's customers or members. In fact, though your foot traffic may be down, you have more opportunities than ever for enhancing the teller-counter experience.

Here are four small changes you can make to your in-branch experience to enhance point-of-sale promotion.

Revisit Deposit Counters

Every bank or credit union branch more than 15 years old has them—but what should you do with them in 2019? Those counters with the chained pens where visitors can fill out deposit slips before they approach the counter are a great opportunity to upgrade your point-of-sale experience. For starters—digitize. Eliminate the need to fill out the deposit slips manually, and replace the chained pens with tablets to complete a deposit without a need for a second step. Then position a teller as a tech assistant who can walk a newbie through the process or troubleshoot as needed.

Frankly, the more functions you can offer at these stations, the longer a visitor will linger—and the more opportunity you have to cross-sell both in person and through digital ads on the tablet screens.

Easter-Egg Your Space

Standing in line is... not so great. So make it a little bit less mundane—easter-egg your branch locations. Gamify the queue experience by hiding a symbol in various corners of the lobby—then offer an incentive, such as branded swag or a minimal fee reduction, for those who spot them all. You can promote it via a window cling on your entrance and offer visitors the opportunity to submit their sleuthing to the teller once they reach the front of the line.

Revisit Your Printables

When a customer or member completes a transaction, whether at the teller counter, a kiosk or an ATM, what does the paper receipt look like? Is it a greyed-out, typewriter-font slip highly likely to be immediately tossed? This is valuable real estate for your point-of-sale transactions. Use space on the backs of your receipt to advertise your other programs and services or promotions. Just be subtle about it—don't cram loud advertising over every inch of it. Perhaps you can use it as a branding play and inject some humorous or memorable messaging or include an amusing activity. Find opportunities to inform and delight your customers at every point of the process.

Retail Your Products

One of the reasons the in-store experience is rebounding in the retail industry is the quality of design and thought put into brick-and-mortar stores. Give your branch the retail treatment, specifically in the customer-centric areas. Have amazing credit card design choices? Display them in your waiting are to give customers the chance to select their favorite while they wait. Better yet, outfit your display with a tablet where a customer can easily log in and self-select a new card look while they wait.

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