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4 Quick Fixes to Try on Your Bank Website

Justin Smorawske


Not every website improvement needs to be a total overhaul. Bank marketers have plentiful options when it comes to quick fixes on their company websites. In fact, there are many minor tweaks that can have a significant impact without requiring a great deal of technical oversight.

Here are four quick fixes to improve performance on your bank website.

Update Your Content

One of the most frustrating things a consumer can encounter on your web presence is content that is clearly outdated or irrelevant. That's why areas of your site that receive the most traffic and contain actionable content could use sprucing up now and again. Take a look at your heavy-traffic FAQ pages—do the answers within still matter to your current customer base? Talk to you customer service team and find out ways you can better solve for common questions they receive in these areas of your website.

Embed Opportune Forms

One clear miss of many websites is a lack of calls to action. Embedding forms on high-traffic pages can be one of the most direct ways to gather lead data and impel a desired action without having to take additional steps. A phone number or email address makes your consumer do the work—try testing out personalized forms on product pages (i.e., "Want more info on our low-interest credit card? Drop us a line.") to increase your measurable reach with potential customers.

Offer Shareability

If your bank website has desirable content on it—whether it's useful tips for selecting the best auto loan or a listing of your mortgage officers or a truly stellar promotion—make it easier for visitors to share it on social media. Social sharing icons are a really simple way to encourage spreading the word organically. If you have a bank blog, it's critical. Add them in a visible location for maximum interactivity.

Reduce the Noise

If you want to focus your customer on a very specific product or set of products, perhaps reducing the noise of your entire product and service line could offer the tunnel vision you need. Try building out landing pages for your most profitable services—focus the content on the most need-to-know information and value statements, and give very clear calls to action (or even just a single, crucial one). Landing pages can be a big conversion opportunity, and they can live for as short or long a time as you want.

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