Your bank or credit union needs to be on social media—it’s very common knowledge at this point. And obviously Facebook may be your first inclination (and it is a must), but we're here to talk other options. Before we get any further, it is important to solidify one key factor when it comes to social platform selection—know your audience. Just because other businesses in your area are active on a given social channel doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for your FI.

Here are four considerations to keep in mind when selecting a social channel for your bank or credit union's event coverage.

Why Instagram?

Since you are already on Facebook (right?) you should probably be considering Instagram as well. Not only does it have the numbers to back it, but it is also user-friendly. And if you are promoting ads on Facebook (you should be...) the ads can also very easily translate to this platform. This will be one of your best options to go after a younger demographic—a great photo and a catchy tag can make all the difference.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is still a great social option—when used correctly. Over the years, Twitter has made considerable shifts—first it was a place to tell people that you were eating a taco, then it moved to a place for celebrities to post selfies. But now it is in a great place for influencers and businesspeople alike. Your bank or credit union's followers might not be posting as much as they did in the past, but you can sure bet that they are still present and consuming content—using Twitter as an news and information source. Use this channel as a way to show you're an industry thought leader and subject-matter expert.

Why YouTube? 

YouTube has consistently been the world's second-largest search engine for some time. So you know that there are plenty of people using it that you can place your message squarely in front of. If you have not already been posting videos, you need to! Videos are more engaging and provide a much better opportunity to engage your community. Having an active FI YouTube account with a host of relevant video content is a must.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is more than just a place to congratulate someone on his or her work anniversary. It is arguably the most professional social media channel available. The content that you post here should be high-level and focus on endearing your top commercial client leads and followers. Think of it as a curated channel to boost your business customer portfolio through well-thought long-form content and ads geared exclusively toward the industries you're targeting for future business.

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