Though your healthcare brand's advertising strategy may not seem conducive to what B2C retailers are doing to market their products, there are aspects that you should adopt. Hospitals and clinics the world over are taking advantage of social channels for employee recruitment, customer service and promoting specializations.

So which platforms should your hospital or clinic be on—and what should you be using them for?


Sure, you probably only think of it as that platform that sends you email notifications daily but you never log in... but LinkedIn can actually be a very useful, curated tool for employee recruitment for healthcare brands. A robust LinkedIn profile and regular check-ins can make for stronger candidate-searching and a better overall onboarding process for new hospital or clinic staff members. You're essentially utilizing a social network to target the exact expertise and demographics you're after in an employee—plus they have a new video ad platform in beta for an even more impactful marketing strategy.


When it comes to healthcare, people have questions. LOTS of questions. In fact, healthcare terms are some of the most popular queries on search engines across the board. So why not create more opportunities for potential patients to ask these questions of healthcare professionals? Your "Contact Us" page probably has a phone number and email. You may even have instituted live chat (if so, we applaud you!)—but Twitter can be another useful avenue for responding to consumer questions on the fly and winning over new patients who might otherwise have simply looked at WebMD. Put in the effort to reply to health-related questions in your region, and keep tabs on hashtags that apply to your specializations.


This stalwart platform continues to be the titan of the arena—YouTube is still one of the most-used social channels out there. So how should your clinic or hospital be using it to its fullest effect? Video content gives you the opportunity to show off your newest procedures that are unique to your region, demo the latest and greatest medical equipment you have at your disposal and, perhaps most importantly, position your medical staff front and center to create online personas for your physicians and frontline employees. This can endear potential patients to your team before they even walk through your doors or submit an appointment request on your website.


Yep, Facebook is still worth investing your time in as a healthcare brand. But not simply due to its ad manager platform or for posting organic content—perhaps the No. 1 reason to invest in a Facebook presence is its robust messenger app, which continues to be a commonly used method for asking customer service questions of businesses. One of the strongest selling propositions you can make when it comes to offering customer service via Facebook Messenger is ensuring your response rate and speed stay high. Ensure you have the team in place to field questions in a timely manner—a study from LocoWise found that 42 percent of customer service responses on Facebook happen within the first 60 minutes. (Make sure that you're making the grade—your consumers have been trained to expect this level of response speed.)

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