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4 Tips for Marketing Your Agriculture Brand Online

Justin Smorawske


Agriculture has become a crowded marketplace. The industry is growing, and technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in everyday farming operations. That's why making sure your voice is heard above the crowd of competitors is key to the success of your agriculture brand.

Remember these four tips when planning out your agriculture online marketing strategy.

Adopt Social Media

When it comes to making full use of social platforms, agriculture brands are largely missing out on the opportunity. A study of 200 B2B companies across various sectors from Brandwatch found that the agriculture and food production industry has a fairly minimal share of the conversation (6 percent of social mentions), with business software (54 percent), aerospace (14 percent) and energy (8 percent) taking more of the air out of the room. Ensure that your brand is speaking to your customers where they're at - put together a social media plan with a voice that resonates with your base and talks shop in the most relatable ways. And keep your key audiences posted on the latest tips and tricks for making their operations more efficient and profitable (sneaking in a product plug now and again when it's relevant).

Speak Their Language

When you operate in an industry that's constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up with the ebbing and flowing of terminology. When it comes to agriculture, what your customers look like has significantly changed in the past 10-15 years. While you could previously lump most of your audience under the "farmers" umbrella, reaching out with keywords that resonate to the modern or millennial customer, such as "agronomist" or "grower," can be lucrative for getting the attention of new buyers and users. Take a look at your current demographics, as well as your desired demographics, and determine what types of operations should be depicted on your web presences - it's important to relate.

Truly Serve

How have you enhanced your website to truly serve your customers? With fewer and fewer people, particularly the endlessly busy and on-the-go people in the agriculture industry, making time to call a customer service line and potentially sit on hold, you'll need to amp up your service level, from channels to timeliness. Up-to-the-minute and live chat functions are generally expected now, so take steps to build your infrastructure, personnel-wise, to support this. And it doesn't take an advanced, in-house developer to implement a function like this. Third-party developers are often a great source for building these enhancements. A recent study from Zendesk found that live chat offers the most customer satisfaction across all customer service channels, with 92 percent satisfaction to phone support's 88 percent and email's 85 percent.

Show it in Action

There's something to be said for showing your agriculture products and services out there in the field and in action. Customers want to see what you're made of, so take opportunities to shoot footage that depicts the positive attributes and lifestyle enhancements that come with using your products. And share that message across your social platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram. Seeing is believing, and video content has proven to be some of the most resonant with today's web users. According to marketing platform HubSpot, mobile video consumption on YouTube increases 100 percent annually, and after watching a video, 64 percent of viewers are more likely to purchase the product online. Get on board with this video movement today.


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