It's no secret that the employees of Epicosity like hanging out with each other. But it's not just that we all enjoy a good craft beer or an adrenaline-filled round of mini-golf. We believe that our corporate culture is one of our biggest strengths, as it pertains to both employee satisfaction and overall company revenue.

Continue reading for the top four ways a commitment to company culture can positively affect your bottom line.

Employee Retention

Obviously, the best part of a strong company culture is that your employees will enjoy their time at work. Employees are looking for supervisors who will invest in not only their professional growth, but also their personal health. The best way to demonstrate this is simple: ask questions.

What do your employees really want from your company? What would allow them to decrease stress and truly thrive in their work? When you ask these questions and listen to the answers, your employees will know they are valued and important members of your organization. Plus, you may find that the things they look for are much easier to deliver then you thought!


Team Building

In companies with little or no corporate culture, employees operate as individuals. Their sole focuses are on personal goals - getting a salary, taking as much vacation as possible and getting recognition from the boss. 

In companies with good corporate culture, employees operate with the goals of the team in mind. They are passionate about open communication, increasing productivity and embracing new business. Adding a once-monthly cereal breakfast, for instance, will encourage employees to build meaningful relationships with co-workers. These relationships can lead to our third point…


Increased Efficiency

Many managers are worried that lots of company culture will prove too distracting for their employees. In actuality, it is often just the opposite. Employees who know their coworkers well can communicate effectively with them and are therefore much more likely to work in a collaborative manner.

Even better is if you can find a way to help your employees feel committed to your clients or customers. At Epicosity, our clients have an open invitation to attend our weekly Craft Beer Friday gathering. This has given us the opportunity to socialize with our clients outside of a business setting. Employees can contribute creatively and enthusiastically when they feel a personal connection to their company's clients.

And, lastly, what could be considered the most important of all...

Profit Growth

Your business is here to make a profit, and your employees are your most important asset. Gallup determined that actively disengaged workers cost U.S. businesses about $300 billion dollars a year. This is linked to the fact that unhappy workers will miss almost four more days of work per year than contented employees.

On the other hand, companies with contented employees consistently outperform their competition by almost 20 percent! Invest in your employees' happiness, and they will invest their energy and passion into your business.

Most companies believe that their employees are an integral part of their business. However, it is easy to get busy with the day-to-day operations. Make time to touch base with your employees, and they will make great things happen for your company. 

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