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4 Ways to Improve Your Bank or Credit Union's Print Marketing

Posted by Luke Tatge on Jan 17, 2018 11:44:09 AM


Print marketing can be a tough nut to crack in a banking world increasingly reliant on digital and web marketing efforts. But there's still a place for print—through proper channel integration and smart messaging decisions, it can still be a relevant resource for generating new customer or member leads.

Here are four tips for banks and credit unions to modernize their print marketing.


While simply stating a strong value proposition or engaging with clever copy used to do the trick in print marketing, members of Generation Z tend to gravitate more toward collateral that asks for interaction. Consider employing this with your print campaigns—ask viewers to take an action that integrates with digital platforms, such as sharing a photo with a designated hashtag, versus simply selling a product outright. Minimalize over-explaining of products or services by employing a snapcode that directs to more detailed information on account options and signing up.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Generation Z is officially the most diverse of any generation that preceded it. So make sure you capture this in your print marketing. Select imagery that depicts today's American experience, and optimize your choices based on your region and population for added authenticity. And remember to relate to your customers—not your leadership. Your print marketing should be chosen based on the likelihood of its appeal to your target consumer, rather than reflecting the wishes of internal voices. (If your retail banking collateral is riddled with overly formal, overly staged visual content featuring bankers, you're on the wrong track.)


One calling card of this younger generation is that they are less inclined to a straight sales pitch on a given product then they are to seek answers to an existing problem. Brands need to cater their messaging toward helpfulness, rather than selling and pitching. For example, avoid language such as, "One of the benefits of our auto loan is its two months of interest-free financing," in favor of language such as "In dire need of a new car, but don't want to mess with interest payments? Your answer has arrived." Be a problem-solver.

Social Awareness

Everyone loves the idea of being a part of positive social change. But Generation Z truly lives it. This is a section of the population that not only talks about social consciousness, but also actively seeks out ways to be a part of it. Your print marketing can capitalize on this tendency by affording young community members the opportunity to be part of something worthwhile—such as an eco-friendly cleanup or a clothing drive for those living in poverty—by attaching it to an action you want your customers or members to take—such as downloading your mobile app or opening a savings account.

Pro tip: To amp up your print marketing efforts in your commercial banking sector, publicize your willingness to offer startup loans at affordable interest rates to local new businesses—especially if the business has a positive mission statement or lives out green or eco-friendly lifestyles.

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