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4 Ways You Can Make Use of Positive Patient Testimonials in Your Marketing

Luke Tatge

Selling a service is particularly difficult without the power of strong word of mouth. And when you have a prized positive testimonial on your hands, you'd do well to maximize its value and reach across your marketing materials. This goes for healthcare marketing, too.

Here are just a few ways that you can take advantage of patient testimonials in your hospital or clinic marketing.

Video Content

You'll hear it once, you'll hear it a thousand times—video is the premiere content type of the web. And it isn't changing anytime soon. Why should it, after all? Video marketing increases click-through rates by more than 90 percent, according to a study from Mist Media, and that's a number you almost couldn't dream of with other content types. So when it comes to injecting video into your patient testimonial promotion, locate your most engaging promoters—just make sure to sign off on all the legal dotted lines—and get them on camera to tell their stories. The keyword, though, is "engaging." You want a piece of video content that has energy, life and spunk—save the camera-shy for written testimonial content.

Onsite Signage

Patient experience plays a huge role in patient retention. That's why, from the moment a patient enters the doors of your physical locations, you have an opportunity to provide an experience that resonates, relaxes and impels a return visit. So inject your testimonial content into your onsite signage. From waiting room and exam room collateral, to welcome screens, to patient forms, there are opportunities to throw a pull-quote and photo into the mix to put a soon-to-be patient at ease at the most optimum time.

Physician Bios

With the rise in physician vetting through medical grading and review sites, the power of a doctor-specific testimonial is all the more impactful. Use positive testimonials about your key physicians wisely—include them in your physician profile pages, whether they're written or video content, and consider adding them to your print collateral. Testimonials can be a powerful tool to "sell" your services via the faces and profiles of your physicians as opposed to solely through your brand strength.

Social Content

When a patient signs off on using their image and/or words for a testimonial, make sure to take advantage of the social media ripple effect. After all, a showcase post about a particular patient's incredibly positive experience at your hospital or clinic can give you extended reach via the pride factor. Namely, it increases that patient's likelihood to share him or herself and put your glowing review in front of new networks of folks. It's a virtual word-of-mouth machine.

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