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5 B2B Marketing Tips Worth Considering

Justin Summers

When you're a B2B company, you do things your own way. The way that a B2C company approaches a marketing strategy, particularly a digital one, can be vastly different than what you're more apt to prioritize. But there are similar tools that, when utilized in a different way, can be quite lucrative to a B2B marketer.

Try these five tips on for size.

#1: Social, Your Way

The first step of many B2C companies when it comes to tackling social media is to entertain the platforms that resonate most with consumers - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the basic starter pack. But when it comes to B2B marketing, the game is played a little differently. According to figures from LinkedIn, 65 percent of B2B companies said they've acquired a customer through LinkedIn. Similar figures estimate that amount to be 40 percent for Twitter and 43 percent for Facebook. Native LinkedIn content can potentially net you more attention from your target audience.

#2: Save Time, Automate

In the B2B world, you find yourself doing a lot of communicating. It's par for the course. But think about how much time you're using on sending emails. Imagine if you could cut that in half. The truth is, much of the communications you send to your customers follow a similar path depending on the stage of the customer lifecycle. Prepare some canned emails queue them in a workflow based on opens, clicks and replies. According to Inc., as many as 64 percent of CMOs have no formal process for marketing automation - get ahead of the curve.

#3: Content with Legs

Drafting up content can be a big hassle for teams without the access to quality writers. The nice thing is, though, that business-to-business marketers have options when it comes to a stellar piece of content in their hands. It doesn't have to be a single-use piece. Through the process of upcycling, you can find new mediums and new avenues through which to get even more out of your best content, whether it's posting your blog post as an article on LinkedIn or turning a post into a video series for Instagram.

#4: In-Depth Content

Unlike in the B2C world, where brevity is prized, the B2B market is a little more forgiving of long-form content. In fact, many company leaders will appreciate the opportunity to have elements of research and analysis in their content pertaining to their respective industries. Don't be afraid to produce informative white papers or engage with a site like Medium to get your unique, in-depth content in front of the right audiences.

#5: SEO and Backlinks

How should a B2B company approach SEO, though? While many of the same recommended rules apply regardless of type of business, you have special opportunities when it comes to your client base. Since they, too, are marketing to an end consumer, it's in your mutual best interests to backlink toward each other's websites. Consider asking your clients if you can leave a review of their services on their website with a link back to your own page. Or consider swapping guest blogs for each other. This builds your SEO profile.

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