Email blasts are quick and convenient ways of communicating to a broad audience electronically. Whether you’re promoting a limited-time offer, a new product or a company update, email blasts get the word out to as many people as possible. The main job of bulk-send emails is to promote action, and, luckily for us, emails can generate sales and start dialogues with customers. But with all the pros that come with email blasts, there are bound to be cons.

Learn from these five pitfalls of bulk-send emails to avoid.

Too Many Emails

Most of us get handfuls of emails each day—dozens weekly. Some might think that the only way to stand out from all the rest is to send a large amount of emails. This is a backwards way of looking at marketing. You don’t want to burden your audience with too much information. Leave your audience wanting more, anticipating a new email, not dreading one.

Irrelevant Information

A large amount of email recipients unsubscribe to mailing lists if they find the content irrelevant. Similarly to the first point, don’t send emails out for the sake of sending them out. Make sure you construct well-thought-out messages with concise execution. Don’t waste your time and your internal time budget writing unnecessary emails.

Suspicious Language

Spam is sometimes nice on a picnic, but it’s never nice in the email inbox. According to Statista, almost 50 percent of email traffic worldwide last year was spam, and, unfortunately, if your emails have any suspicion, they may be marked as spam. To avoid having purposeful, legitimate emails sent to the spam folder, clearly label who your email is being sent from and have subject lines consistent with your email’s content. Also, by personalizing emails, you’re improving the chances of clicking through a call to action by 20 percent on average.

Poor Spelling & Grammar

This ties into the spam category also, but emails with spelling errors and incorrect grammar are vulnerable to being flagged. Proofreading is going to make or break your emails. It can be hard to gain back a good reputation after spending a poorly written email. If you, the sender, doesn’t put care into your email messages, why should the email recipient care about them?

Bad Formatting

Approximately 61.9 percent of email openings occur on mobile devices. If your emails aren’t formatted for mobile use, they’re as good as dead… deleted. Because mobile screens are smaller, optimize your pre-header text so that you won’t have to use so much body copy. As far as formatting goes, also make sure you have one clear and easy-to-identify call to action.

Email marketing should be a priority for any business, no matter how big or small. Don’t let your emails push people away. Make your emails pull people in. Follow these tips, and witness all the pros of email blasts.

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