So your business blog isn't going the way you'd hoped it would...

When entering the world of blogging for your company, organization or business, nothing is an exact science. Whether you're gifting the world with your commentary on the best artisan burgers in town or building your brand and your business by touting your expertise on the world wide web, blogging can be a powerful tool.

But there are some common mistakes that may befall even the most talented, well-intentioned of writers. Here are just a few of them.

Burying the Lead

If the primary point - the thesis statement, if you will - of your post is buried far below the "Read More" threshold, you've lost your reader from the get-go. Make sure to arrive at a compelling, intriguing or even tease-worthy point sooner rather than later. Don't let the clever wordplay and high-brow humor of your opening paragraph overwhelm your reader to the point of questioning why they even clicked on the post in the first place.


Mass appeal is all well and good, but don't lose your business's voice in the process. You want content that's accessible to many but not stripped of your conversational tone or personality. Find a happy medium between informing your readers and showing off your signature sensibilities and, in the case of businesses, your brand personality. It's an opportunity for consumers and readers to get to know your organization on a more personal level.

Forgetting Your Audience

Speaking of readers, knowing your audience is perhaps the most important element of a successful blog. Make sure you've established who your likeliest (and most valued) readers are - think about their demographics, their tendencies and their desired writing style. Cater your writing to the age groups, engagement levels and attention spans of the customers and followers you seek.

Careless Typos

In the fast-paced digital age, it can be easy to get careless with your style and grammar. But that doesn't mean it isn't important. The last thing your brand needs is a silly spelling error or misuse of a comma or lack of proper capitalization to make it look bad. Sure, some grammar rules might get overlooked without too much attention by many of your readers, but all it takes is one glaring spelling error to go viral to do real damage to your reputation and its status as a trusted advisor in its field.

Blogging in a Vacuum

All this being said, where will your blog be without marketing it? You know what they say - if a tree falls in the woods... and all that. If no one knows your blog exists, how could they possibly know to look for it? Utilize the tools at your disposal to market your blog and drive viewership.

Keep in Mind

A blog is all about what you invest in it. Without an established strategy and an awareness of these five common mistakes, it's easy to fall into obscurity. (And if you're ready to get your own company's blog going, Epicosity just so happens to be pros at that very thing.)

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