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5 Healthcare Marketing Tactics Worth the Budget Investment

Eric Sivertsen


For in-house healthcare marketers, striking a balance among your goals, your time and your budget can be a headache. What you do yourself, what you decide to outsource and what you can afford can vary by quarter, and there's no easy answer for where you should place the most emphasis. 

Read on for key marketing tactics that are worth keeping in your budget.

1. Market Your Impact

One of the most common mistakes made among healthcare marketing teams is an overemphasis on the services they provide and too little focus on the impacts that those services have on their patients. When patients research who they want to have manage their health, they look for three key pieces of information—where the organization is, whether their treatment will be covered by insurance and how their treatment will impact them. If your website only talks about treatments you offer and fails to speak on the impacts those treatments have, then you've missed an opportunity to connect with patients on the things that are most important to them.

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2. Enable Reviews and Referrals

With the ever-rising cost of medical care, people are more cautious than ever about the healthcare provider they choose—especially for planned procedures. Because of this, it is your job as a healthcare marketer to ensure that the digital presences of your organization are full of positive reviews and that your patients feel comfortable referring others to you. To do this, make sure you're taking the time to follow up with your patients about the care they received. Find out their thoughts, gauge how likely they are to refer someone else to you and ask them for a review. Sometimes, caring enough to follow up is all it takes to swing someone's opinion in your favor.

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3. Leverage SOcial Media

Social media allows healthcare marketers to connect directly with patients in a way that is both casual and conversational. Take advantage of this forum to drive digital testimonials of your physicians and care providers. Post a link to a physician's page on your website, and ask users about the impact that doctor has had on their health. Patients with positive experiences will love to provide glowing, off-hand reviews in the comments section, which will boost your reputation.

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4. Generate Content

The key to generating website traffic rests in content creation. The SEO benefits of steadily generating relevant content on your website cannot be overstated. As if that weren't enough, consumers genuinely appreciate insightful, expert-generated content, and having that content on your website will boost your reputation and keep your organization top of mind. For tips and tricks on content creation, check out 5 Things Your Hospital or Clinic Website Content Should Do.

5. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising was practically invented for the healthcare industry. With PPC ads, you can ensure that your hospital or clinic appears at the top of the page on certain searches. It's an incredibly effective way to begin the process of connecting with potential patients. Combined with a content-generation SEO strategy, pay-per-click ads offer peace of mind that your organization is appearing toward the top of Google's search results, which allows you to focus on the day-to-day tasks specific to your hospital or clinic. 

Healthcare marketers tend to stretch themselves thin. With these five tactics in your tool belt, cutting the excess from your marketing budget and refocusing on what needs to be done may seem a little simpler. Still looking for some backup? Epicosity can help

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