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5 Media Channels Your Hospital or Clinic Should Budget For

Tom Koeller


When it comes to deciding where to spend media budget as a hospital or clinic, it can be difficult to decide on the best place for marketing dollars. Resources can be limited, which is why it’s important to focus on a few key areas to make the most impact.

Here are five places you should make a point of placing your media attention.

Search Ads

PPC is an ideal channel for hospitals or clinics. People in need of medical assistance or looking to set up an appointment at a clinic will often search for locations near them to find out their hours, physicians, availability, etc. Creating ads with useful extension information and bidding on the proper terms will go a long way in increasing the impact of a marketing budget.


Billboards provide an excellent way to stay visible to potential hospital- or clinic-goers. Make sure to find locations that work well for your business, whether they are in prime commuting areas or simply in the general area of your hospital or clinic. This outdoor advertising play can be crucial to maintain brand awareness for your organization—particularly in communities where there's a lot of competition for healthcare providers.


In terms of branding, effective traditional media channels still need to be implemented. Television, for example, still can make an impact, especially at a local level. It’s particularly true when attempting to reach an older audience that still consumes content from local news outlets. This makes compelling television video content about your organization an important part of the mix.

Programmatic Display

Banner ads often get a bad reputation when it comes to digital advertising. However, most issues with them arise from improper targeting. Programmatic display serves your banners to the correct audience in order to get the most out of the channel. The banners served via programmatic display can also provide a valuable touchpoint in the journeys of the people to whom they're served.

Social Media

Having a presence on social media can be a great boost to an organization—even a hospital or clinic. It provides a place to interact with existing and potential patients, which can improve retention of existing relationships. That's important to any hospital or clinic. Once this positive environment is established, use retargeting ads on the various social platforms to expose potential customers to your hospital or clinic’s brand.

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