Depending on how tapped into the media landscape your brand is, some of these platforms may or may not be new to you. But there are always new and exciting media outlets making themselves available to brands—with varying levels of budget-friendliness and effectiveness. So which ones are worth giving a go? Let's unpack some of the latest and greatest.

Here are five ad platforms on the newer end of things that are worth considering.


Advertising in the current decade tends to be about meeting customers where they're at—and if you specialize in products and services that may appeal to a younger crowd, gaming is a pastime that might offer your brand a prime opportunity to plug. Popular console creators such as Microsoft and Nintendo are now allowing brands access to their players through their own advertising networks—Xbox Advertising is one such network. Through Verizon Media, companies are able to serve display and video advertising to gamers in real time as they enjoy their favorite titles.


With the continued rise in popularity of podcasts, from true crime audio docs to interview shows with notable celebrities to serialized fictional audio experiences, advertising can be a prime opportunity for brands. Though not all podcast networks offer advertising without the use of a third party, the wide variety of listeners who tune into episode after episode of their favorite series while driving, working or living their daily lives, sponsorships and repeat mentions can go a long way. Networks like Midroll can offer brands a chance to plug products in some of the most popularly downloaded podcasts on the web.


Earning some placements on one of the most heavily trafficked websites known to humankind isn't the worst place to be. And with the introduction of Amazon Advertising, brands are getting just such an opportunity. From inline retail placements, such as sponsored products or brands, to display and video advertising both on the store's web browser and mobile app presences, getting your brand in front of one of the largest audiences on the web is potentially huge coup. Though the barrier to entry can be high for lower media budgets, working with third parties that can offer access to Amazon Advertising can be a beneficial entry point.


So your brand is targeting a younger demographic? Why not capitalize on the heavy usage of a mobile app such as TikTok? The relatively new TikTok Ads platform boasts heavy repeat visits amongst its user base, and its options for advertising formats are pretty uniquely unmatched in the marketplace—we're talking 3D and augmented reality lenses, engaging with popular hashtag challenges or even custom sponsored stickers.

Over-the-Top Networks

So though the traditional broadcast scheme doesn't completely hold the reins in the video content advertising world anymore, over-the-top (OTT) networks are providing a new avenue for reaching customers through what they watch. From popular streamers like Hulu and Amazon to lesser-known but rising networks such as fuboTV, OTT advertising offers a disruptive method of getting in front of desirable audiences similarly to traditional broadcast advertising plus the added benefit of being able to offer a click-through.

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