When you create a new product in the outdoor industry, whether it's the latest must-have pistol, the next great hunting accessory or a soon-to-be-necessary piece of fitness equipment, you are what you promote. And when this promotion is executed upon not by your own internal team but by third-party dealers and resellers, it's crucial that you handle rollouts with the right tools.

So what are some of the most important elements of a successful new-product dealer promo package?

Product Information

This one goes without saying, but your dealers and resellers need to be well-versed in what they're getting. That means that informational materials that break down the specs and the key takeaways from any new outdoor product are essential to your promotional package.


  • Product catalogs
  • Individual product one-sheets
  • Links to product webpages

Visual Aides

One of the best ways to get outdoor dealers or resellers excited about a product is to give them a glimpse of it. This might include an actual not-for-sale prototype or it might be something as simple as some detailed product photography. Just make sure not to skimp on showing the product in action to give a true picture of why it's worth stocking at their locations.


  • In-studio product photography
  • In-action product photography
  • Explainer video
  • Product-in-action video

Press Materials

You can do as much national press as you want surrounding your product launch, but there's something about feet on the pavement at the local level that truly spreads word of mouth. You have an army of dealers at your disposal, so your next outdoor product launch should take advantage of that by giving your resellers the tools they need to promote in their own communities and regions.


  • Customizable press releases
  • Personalizable print and digital ads
  • In-store and outdoor signage

Training Tools

The best kind of salesperson is a knowledgeable one. If your frontline fleet of sellers doesn't know the ins and outs of your new product, consumers will see right through it. To ensure your boots on the ground know their stuff, provide training tools to get to know your product. If you're a large-scale operation, you might utilize a training portal outlet like 3point5, and if you're a smaller- or mid-scale operation, you might consider "train the trainer" tools that can be easily passed on.


  • Training guides and signage
  • Web-based product quizzes
  • Webinars and presentations

Incentives and Swag

When sending out promotional packages to your dealers and resellers, there's always an opportunity to grease the wheel a bit with incentives and gear. Whether it's some branded apparel or a deal on orders or shipping, bonsues are an important part of any promo package. You'll endear yourself quickly to your key promoters with a little gesture like this.


  • Branded swag items and apparel
  • Shipping discounts
  • Next-order promo codes

Don't forget to make your company's dealers and resellers feel as important as they are - treat them well and give them the tools to succeed, and they'll do just that. And your overall new product launch will be greatly helped by that success.

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