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5 Popular Social Channels and How They Can Be Used for Your Clinic Brand

Sydney Ebel

Social media marketing can be very effective in healthcare when done well. But different social channels target their own unique audiences—all of which might be a big help toward reaching new potential patients. With social efforts, you can establish your clinic’s brand and expand your reach.

Read on for five social channels you can use effectively for your clinic brand.


Facebook is one of the most popular social networks out there. It has more than 1.3 billion users, which makes it an ideal channel to connect your clinic to a large, mass audience. You can use Facebook to increase the brand awareness of your clinic and promote patient engagement and interaction. Facebook also allows you to market your clinic to a precise audience, using organic or paid posts. By being consistent with your posts and responding quickly to engagement from your patients, you can build brand loyalty.


Twitter is a great social network to market your clinic to a younger audience. The majority of Twitter’s 600 million users are 18-29 years old. You can build your brand by sharing content and connecting with followers. Tweeting articles linked to your clinic’s website helps new patients learn about your brand. Twitter is a short-form social platform and uses hashtags to help users find specific content. Creating a hashtag for your clinic and using it in a majority of your tweets can help potential patients find you more easily.


LinkedIn is designed for B2B relations and business networking. Using LinkedIn to connect with others in the healthcare community allows you to find potential patients and develop relationships. It can also be used to search for new hires. LinkedIn features groups you can utilize to target specific audiences. The social platform is good for sharing news from your field and building business relationships.


Pinterest can be used by hospital and clinic marketers to share various DIY, health-and-wellness and “how to” pictures, infographics and articles. Around 80 percent of Pinterest users are females and 87 percent of users have made a purchase because of Pinterest. Since these numbers are high, you may want to have an organized and well-developed marketing strategy for Pinterest. Use it to share original content that drives users to your website. Share family healthcare information, and post regularly to keep your audience engaged.


Of the 800 million Instagram users, 80 percent follow a business. Instagram is a visual platform and is good for sharing testimonials and promoting products. You can target local potential patients and interact with your followers. Instagram uses hashtags to sort content, so researching which hashtags perform best and using those can help potential patient recruits find your clinic.

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