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5 SEO Tactics You Should Employ on a Monthly Basis

Eric Sivertsen

SEO—it's that seemingly invisible little tactic that can have such a big impact on your website traffic. So how do you ensure your business is taking the necessary steps to maximize it's search-engine prowess without blowing a bunch of much-needed internal time and budget? You start small.

Here are five SEO tactics your business should take advantage of on at least a monthly basis.

Earn Some Backlinks

At the end of the day, one of the strongest cases for search ranking is the backlink. It's still one of search engines' most highly valued factors when it comes to SEO. But be careful not to seek out any and all links you can grab—not all backlinks are built alike. Seek out fellow brands with similar positions in the marketplace or complementary goals or industry segments. Find opportunities to engage in some influencer marketing through guest blogging, guest posting or simply doing a link exchange.

Lengthen High-Quality Content

"Short and to the point" has been the calling card of the internet since it first gained popularity—and especially since social media entered the fray. But as search engines get smarter and algorithms get pickier, longer-form content is actually gaining in value. Google in particular is erring more on the side of high-quality, long-form page content when ranking for page value. Pay attention to opportunities to broaden the scope of your most popular webpages, and expand them in ways that may be useful to your end consumer.

Give Your Consumers Voice

As voice search gains rapidly in popularity, so to does the need for SEO tactics surrounding it. If your website isn't optimized for voice search queries, you're bound to lose rankings rapidly in the coming years. To work through this new arena, start thinking about how you yourself might utilize voice search. Would you simply shout out random phrases, or would you speak in full, interrogative sentences? (Hint—it's the latter.) We speak searches differently than we type them. So find opportunities to enhance your newest and most high-traffic pages with conversational, longtail keywords to accommodate this.

Fix Your 404 Errors

Okay, so when you're a retail brand or a business-to-consumer company that rolls through a variety of products and services on a regular basis, you'll encounter this problem fairly frequently—404 errors. These little errors, though, can cause your SEO to plummet when left unchecked. Frequent dings for 404 errors can count against you—so make it a regular habit to set up redirects for any defunct or retired pages to a relevant alternative. It maintains and improves your reputation with engines.

Localize Content

So what if your business serves a specific city, region or state? Localizing your content can be very powerful. Think of how often you search for restaurants, stores or service providers in a specific area—i.e., "Minneapolis Thai food" or "clinics in Omaha." Take advantage of this user tendency by creating page content on your website that caters to these keyword popularities. A localized piece of landing page content can winnow down the likelihood you'll get lost in the shuffle of broad, nationwide searches.

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