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5 Things Your FI Needs in a Brand-Awareness Campaign

Eric Sivertsen


As the internet matures and evolves, so too do the methods of standing out in the crowd. In an age when every brand is on the web shouting their messages at consumers from a metaphorical mountaintop, how can you ensure that your financial institution's brand stands out in all the noise? The answer lies in effectively targeted brand-awareness campaigns. 

Read on for five key elements your bank or credit union should include in a brand-awareness campaign.

1. Direction

The first and, arguably, most important thing to consider in a branding campaign is what you want to accomplish and who you want to reach. A "brand-awareness campaign" aimed at the general population is bound to get lost in the sea of messages consumers are exposed to in a given day. In order to stand out, your institution needs to pick specific groups that you want to become aware of your brand and tailor your messages to their needs. Are you looking to increase awareness amongst first-time homebuyers? Those looking for a new credit card? Young families? Once you've decided who you're trying to reach, you can begin to form the other elements of your campaign.

2. Authenticity

In this day and age, fabricated brand messages are easily detected by savvy consumers. To actively and organically spread your brand's reach, you need to pick out authentic messages about your company that will resonate with your potential customers. Many brands do this successfully by shaping the elements of their messaging around their company's pre-established vision and values. The ideals that shape your company's culture and growth are the same ideals that you should broadcast to your future customers. Decide which unique values drive your brand forward internally, and use them to drive brand awareness externally.

3. sociability 

Think of social media as the most fundamental step in building brand awareness. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat are free to use and, according to Statista, have more than 5.5 billion active users collectively. With a low barrier to entry and a high number of potential impressions, these social media platforms are the ideal place to kickstart your financial institution's brand awareness. With a little money, you can add in Facebook's precise ad-targeting tools to blast your brand messages out to your specific target audiences.

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4. Presence

While this may seem obvious to some, many brands don't account for just how critical their websites are to spreading awareness. Once you've developed an active social media presence, your goal should be to drive users to your website through your posts. After they've made the decision to visit your site, it is crucial that users can easily navigate to where they'd like to go. Social media users are hit with thousands of messages in a day, and your bank or credit union website is one of the few places where you can cut out the noise and talk to them one on one. Don't waste the opportunity by frustrating them with a clunky user experience. Wondering how to get started? Check out our blog on Website Navigation Tips for Your Bank or Credit Union.

5. Brand

This may sound silly, but bear with me—having a strong brand identity makes the process of increasing your brand awareness significantly easier. A recognizable logo, a tagline that that sticks in people's heads and an instantly recognizable color palette can work wonders on the notability of your financial institution. Without these elements, potential customers may not even realize they've been exposed to your branding—which will hurt the effectiveness of any brand-awareness campaign. Working with professional designers to build a unique and clearly recognizable brand and establish rock-solid brand standards will put you head and shoulders above similarly situated companies. Because of this, we often recommend considering a brand refresh before embarking on a brand-awareness campaign.

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