One thousand one... One thousand two... One thousand three... Three seconds is the average time your healthcare tradeshow attendees will spend deciding whether or not to check out your exhibit. How can this time be extended to be more impactful and provide better leads?

Read on for five tips for hospitals and clinics looking to capitalize on better tradeshow booth performance.

1. First impressions matter

It takes less than a second to form an opinion about a brand and 94 percent of that opinion is design-based. Visually dynamic exhibits can give you a better satisfaction rate at any event. Just check out this display for the pharmaceutical company, Celgene:


Why is Celgene always a big hit at tradeshows? Because it understands how brand imagery affects opinion. Don't have a huge budget to splurge on high-tech materials? The biggest advantage you can have with smaller budgets is to invest in creative ideas that fit within your price range to make your tradeshow booth stand out.

2. Develop a plan

Planning for an exhibit begins months in advance to ensure everyone involved understands the goals for attending the event. Set up meetings with your marketing, sales and management teams to address why your healthcare brand should attend, what you’ll be doing at the event, who you need to connect with and how to gather leads after the show is complete. 

3. Think about the details

Why are you at the show? 

As simple as it sounds, purpose is the biggest detail to which to pay attention. Purpose sets the tone and personality of your hospital or clinic's tradeshow booth, as well as how people interact with your space.  

Where is your booth located?

Exhibits near entrances, bathrooms and heavily trafficked areas will reach more eyeballs. Remember to reserve early to ensure a great spot on the floor. 

How tall are your displays? 

Place the most important information above eye level. Anything below 60 inches in height could get lost when people stand in front of your booth. 

What colors will you choose? 

Contrast is key when picking out colors. Dark blue and white, yellow and black—these are great starting points. When looking at the design, try squinting your eyes. If you can still see the contrast between colors, you’re on the right track!

What content is most important to include? 

Less is more. Focus on what’s important, and ditch anything that could be included in your promotional materials. Sharing a little info goes a long way by gaining your audience’s curiosity to ask questions about your company, making them more likely to strike up a conversation with you. 

How easily are the materials transported?

The weight of your exhibit can be a costly one. Factor in transportation—is your healthcare tradeshow booth flying on an airplane or traveling by flatbed? Breakable or fragile items might be best to travel within your care or left at home all together. Most printing companies provide protective, add-on items and cases for tradeshow booths. Talk with your print vendor or designer to ensure the best option to have your exhibit arrive safe and sound.

4.  Start Connecting

People like people who make them feel important. The more personal experience you provide, the better your outcome will be in developing lasting relationships with your clients. Train your team on how you’d like conversations to flow, and prepare for how to follow up with leads—it’s less about selling and more about what you can provide for them.  

5. Follow up fast

People have many interactions at tradeshows. The longer you wait, the easier it is to forget what you said and who you are. Reaching out a day after the show is a great way to show your potential prospects you care and want to continue the conversation with them.

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