So is it worth it to add Snapchat to your arsenal of social channels when it comes to your business? The answer may surprise you (or might be exactly what you expect). The important thing is to at least consider this platform that appears to be here to stay (at least for the time being).

Here are five key takeaways when it comes to embracing and implementing Snapchat with your business.

The Right Fit

First things first—will it even be worth it or scalable for your business? Carlos Gil from BMC Software called it tight right from the get-go during his talk on Snapchat for business. If it's not going to provide you ROI, it's not worth wasting your time.

If your business's bread and butter is a demographic or age group that just isn't using the platform and you don't see that demo expanding in the future, it might not be worth the trouble. The same goes for very small operations. While Snapchat is a very user-friendly platform in which the low-budget vibe is par for the course, you still need a body to manage your snaps and post on your business's behalf.

Make sure it's scalable for your existing workforce to tackle or have a plan for expanding your capacity internally to take it on. 

Spur a Takeover

"Takeover" doesn't exactly have the greatest connotation—but when it comes to Snapchat, it could be a big boon for your follower numbers. To boost your business's profile on the platform, consider recruiting a key influencer in your marketplace (and it can be niche—as long as it's someone your customer base will relate to or be enamored with). Have that person "take over" your Snapchat account for a day or a week to bring his or her own unique insights on your brand and products through video- and image-based content.

Bringing in foremost authorities or noted, beloved figures in your field lends a lot of excitement to your profile.


Spread the Word

Snapchat is not an island. In fact, if you've got other social media platforms set up for your business, you have the ideal promotional tool to drive new users to your Snapchat profile. Thanks to the handy-dandy way in which a user can follow your profile (simply a scan of your unique Snapcode will do the trick), there are ways you can visually represent this method across your channels.

Consider promoting the launch of your business's new Snapchat profile by swapping out your Facebook or Twitter profile pictures with your Snapcode—or try out throwing a quick-and-dirty Instagram image featuring your Snapcode front and center.

Bring the ease of following your profile right to the channels your followers and customers are already on.

Snapping and Selling

So getting customers to pay attention to your profile is one thing. But how can Snapchat actually benefit your bottom line? Like many other social platforms, it's a cheap method of bringing attention to your products and services. But thanks to the temporary nature of snaps, it has an inherent immediacy to it.

Like Carlos outlined in his presentation, consider something like a flash sale that heavily features your products or even launches new products, utilizing your various social channels to drive customers to your Snapchat to see them in action and get details on how to take part in the event.

Snapchat enables you to make use of an easy-to-use video platform to get visual content to your fans without high production costs and spendy file storage.


Exclusive Content

It's not enough to simply repurpose content from elsewhere on your site or social presences, though. When it comes to Snapchat and your business, it's important to satisfy the demand of your key audience. According to Georgetown University's Laura Wilson60 percent of 13-to-24-year-old smartphone users are Snapchatters.

And this generation wants to feel like the video content they're getting is special, unique and exclusive. Whether it's exclusive access to parts of your business people don't often get a chance to see, early access to deals or promotions or product launches or behind-the-scenes content that give a bigger picture of what it is you do, create video content and, most importantly, create live video content. Wilson estimated that users spend three times longer watching live video—like on Facebook or Snapchat—than they do video that is canned and no longer live.

Take advantage of this attainable opportunity with exclusive, worthwhile snaps.

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