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5 Ways to Make Your Landing Page Copy More Clickable

Luke Tatge

A whopping 78 percent of businesses are disappointed with their conversion rates. If you’re one of those 78 percent, there are a few ways you can up your conversion game. A good starting point is to make adjustments to the way your landing pages are written.

So what can you do to improve the appeal of your landing page copy?

Use Action Verbs

You can’t have killer landing page copy without action verbs. You want your copy to hook readers within seconds of arriving. Most people don’t read your landing page—they scan and look for information that stands out and grabs them. Writing with action verbs reinforces copy with the strength and conclusiveness that captures scanners.

Do you know where scanners spend 80 percent of their time? At the top of the page. Right before a scroll is required. They also scan from left to right, spending the majority of their time looking at the left half of the page. This means you should put extra effort into your sub-headings and opening few lines of text.

Here’s a great example from eye tracking research that displays typical scanning patterns.


Keep Copy Simple and Clear

Flowery language and drawn-out explanations don’t always fit the bill for good landing page copy. Again, you likely only have a few seconds of someone’s time. Cut to the chase, and make it easy to understand. When you proofread your copy, remove anything that might confuse or distract from your message. Keep trimming until you’re left with the most concise copy that doesn’t alter your message's meaning.

Here are a few tips to follow for writing simple copy:

  • Skip complicated or lengthy sentences
  • Use short, basic words
  • Avoid buzzwords like “integrated solutions” or “paradigm shifting”

Ask Readers to Take Action

Do you want people to convert on your landing page? Ask for the conversion. The purpose of your landing page is to convert customers, so every word on your landing page should build up to the conversion ask. 

Here’s another great tip—make sure your call-to-action buttons explicitly tell people what action to take, such as “Add to Cart” or “Download the eBook Now.”

Emphasize Benefits

Customers don’t generally care about the solutions you think your product or service solves. Customers usually know what solutions they want before coming to you, because they did their research online. On top of that, people know what prices and features they want as well. Your messaging needs to have a foundation in the benefits of pursuing your product solution. 

For example, if you operate a healthy meal-delivery service, someone looking to eat healthier doesn’t need to know that your food service is "healthier than fast food"—page visitors are already aware of that fact. What are the benefits your solution offers? Do your meals make preparation easier and faster? Does your product offer better nutrients or improved freshness? Focus on answering those questions.

Don’t be a Robot 

Don’t strain yourself trying to write copy. Write like you’re having a conversation. Again, keep sentences short and use basic language. While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to throw in a humorous quip, a popular reference or even a colorful term if it suits your audience.

People want to connect with other people. Keep that in mind when you draft up your next landing page.

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