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6 Effective Ways to Market Your Business's Company Culture

Eric Sivertsen

Consistently positive morale in your company creates a work environment that yields higher-quality work, better customer service and happier customers. Having a quality company culture is important for this very reason—but it also provides you a unique opportunity to market your culture in order to make your business even more successful with your followers, fans and customers.

Find out how to go about marketing your business's culture below.

Specify Your Target

The best way to set your culture marketing plan up for success is to define your target audience and your ultimate end goals. This will help guide you through the next steps of the process and ensure that you're portraying a culture to which your consumers can relate. If you ultimate goal is to recruit ambitious and energized new employees, put your existing employees front and center in your marketing. If you want to foster warm fuzzies among your consumer base, show off times your company's staff gives back to the community. If you want to engage superfans to buy in even more, offer up behind-the-scenes, "pull back the curtain" content that will make them feel a part of something special or exclusive. Know your target, and capitalize on their wants and needs. 

Create Unity

It is important to be consistent in your culture marketing so that consumers recognize your brand and can anticipate and expect. Align your brand and your public-facing corporate culture—when you promote your culture, consumers should automatically recognize the brand voice and look and feel. Position your culture to work hand in hand with your more sales-driven branding efforts. You want a customer to think "that's a great company" at the same time as they're thinking "I love that brand—and I love their products." Make devotees to your end product or service devotees to your philosophy. 

Turn to Social Media

One of the most sensible platforms for marketing your business's culture is to post highlights of your internal activities on your social media accounts—this really showcases your philosophy and work environment to target audiences in their own spaces. Just remember to consider your target audience's demographics—some platforms will be more successful with certain age groups, earning brackets, locations, etc. Do your research and invest your time wisely in the platforms that make the most sense. 

Show Real-Time Action

Another great way to share your culture is to utilize social media platforms real-time, such as going live on Facebook/Instagram, live tweeting or posting “behind the scenes” stories of your business on Snapchat or Instagram. You could even have a few of your employees start a recurring vlog or content series—this markets your business's culture through the individual personalities that your company embodies. Live tweeting is a great way to share you culture during an event or a Q&A session. Going live and showing off the day-to-day of your business will show consumers your culture is truly embodied by your employees.

Focus on Space

Make your company culture marketing even easier by employing an iconic item or ritual in your space. This could include morning pep talks, team outings, high-energy gatherings or a physical token of your brand that has a presence in your office space. This will show innovation and a dedication to making your business a desirable place to work. Think about the work that companies like Zappos have done to empower employees to love where they work. It's had positive effects on the company's brand perception in the marketplace and has improved its bottom line with end consumers.

Host Events

Don’t stick to the basics and simply utilize web-based marketing methods—let your target audience experience your culture with an in-person event that expresses your culture and revolves around the best-loved workplace tropes and traditions you've displayed online via social media. This will foster further connection to your brand, and consumers will be able to make connections with leadership and key team members. Hosting events can also earn you unpaid media coverage and public relations. Make sure your event is truly unique in order to earn the most and best possible coverage, and ensure it embodies your culture and sends the best message to your audience. Media coverage and personal engagement can really help push your culture marketing plan forward.

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