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7 Neglected Social Media Platforms You Should Be Using for Your Digital Marketing

Epicosity Staff

There are countless social platforms available to businesses for their marketing efforts—it can get confusing to sift through the choices and you might miss out on some that could greatly benefit your company. It's obviously important to at least have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but there are other platforms that could benefit a company through greater reach to larger or more segmented audiences. 

Find out below what platforms might be next on your to-do list. 


When you think about a brand’s social media presence, you probably don’t immediately think "Pinterest." But brands should perhaps change their outlook on the platform. Many brands might benefit greatly from having a Pinterest account, as it's an easy way to share and organize your digital content. Pinterest also recently added a "buy" button, making it even easier for retailer brands to sell products. Although, when marketing your company on Pinterest, remember that the primary audience for this platform is traditionally women—you may want to tailor your content to get the most engagement and pins. This platform is also photo-heavy, so be sure to utilize high-quality, engaging visuals when posting content. 


LinkedIn is more of a professional networking site, so it carries with it a vastly different target audience for a company or organization. LinkedIn is particularly useful for B2B marketing, since you can share what you have to offer with fellow business connections on the platform. Another use is for recruiting future employees, so be sure to post content that would attract quality hires in your field—from examples of positive company culture, to thought leadership from your executive team.


If your company shoots a lot of quality video footage or works on a lot of commercial spots, YouTube is a perfect platform to join. If a fan or potential fan wants to find the broadcast commercial content you've run, it can easily be found on your profile, rather than a second-hand copy uploaded by a user. After you gather subscribers to your channel, whenever you post new content, followers will be notified, driving even more traffic your way. (Pro tip: When it comes to service-provider businesses, this can also be a great platform for tutorials and vlogs.)

Real-Time Content


Posing real-time information allows the audience to connect with a brand and can increase brand loyalty. That's why Snapchat and Instagram Stories are important tools of which a company should take advantage. They can be a fun way to enforce your brand’s personality by showing what employees are doing in ways that align with your brand and your audience segmentations—sort of a "behind-the-scenes peek" at your operations for the diehard brand enthusiasts out there. It's also a great idea to make use of geofilters for key events you are hosting to garner attention for your business. According to Hootsuite, national geofilters are seen by 40-60 percent of Snapchat users.


Tumblr remains an important platform for companies that see success from blogging and particularly those that market to the younger end of the millennial generation—they use the platform the most. It's important to engage with quality visual content when making use of this platform, so lead with your best and most evocative imagery. This platform can help you distribute information such as blog content out to a larger audience through reblogs and post likes. Make sure your content is relevant and appeals to the appropriate age groups for this platform.


Reddit may not be the most visually appealing platform (it's a part of its charm), but the connections you can make are worth the effort of using it. Reddit is comprised of threads pertaining to topics on which people share links, photos and news items. Users can host AMA, or “Ask Me Anything,” sessions similar to a Q&A. This is a great opportunity for a business or a leader in your business to connect directly with your target audiences. Stories are voted up or down, which determines where they appear on the site.


Periscope is another video-based platform, but this one is different from the others—it's a live video-sharing platform. This means that vlogs work optimally on this platform, as do tutorials, Q&As and even product launches—everything is real-time. This app notifies you when people start watching or liking your video, and commenting functionality is uniquely diverse in capabilities. Plus, you have the ability to respond to comments in real time and engage directly with your end consumers.

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