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7 Things We Learned About Healthcare Marketing in 2017

Jay Bachmayer


There are several key takeaways we had in 2017 about healthcare marketing. Some may have come as a surprise, while others are reliable mainstays that stayed strong from previous years. Regardless, we've assembled some of our primary learnings from the past year.

Here are seven of those things that we learned about healthcare marketing in 2017.

1. Mobile Matters

Mobile optimization was king in healthcare marketing in 2017. Whether it's creating a mobile-friendly website, providing mobile app access to patient charts or mobile marketing via paid Google and Facebook advertising, mobile was where it was at. The important thing for hospitals and clinics alike heading into 2018 is to remember that consumers want access to their patient information from where they already are—tablets, smartphones and other impending on-the-go technologies.

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2. Personalization Matters

Healthcare providers need to create more and more user experiences on the level of major retailers—consumers in 2017 wanted more from clinic and hospital marketing and communications. Personalized, segmented communication is key to your healthcare marketing strategy and can go a long way to effective patient lead nurturing. And putting more emphasis on mobile means online marketing and tailoring your message to your audience has never been easier.

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3. Content (Still) Matters

Your organization still needs to place a strong emphasis on content in its marketing efforts. Why? Because consumers rely on you to get the most valuable, primary health information. A majority of consumers are doing their research for this type of information online. Make yourself a resource, and understand your limitations. You can’t boil the ocean, so apply your resources to your business objectives carefully. Try to place emphasis on the specializations to which you want to drive the most traffic.

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4. Access Matters

Patients are prioritizing accessibility more than ever before. Make sure you’re marketing your clinic's or primary care’s availability on digital presences. And make efforts toward offering extended hours, weekend hours and/or walk-in clinics—these types of accessibility are critically important in a marketplace full of startups offering cheaper and more available alternatives. This may be where e-visits come in handy for your team.

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5. Customer Experience Matters

Sometimes buzzwords are buzzwords for a reason—customer experience is crucial to patient retention. From start to finish, every point of contact with a customer provides a unique opportunity to make an impact. From a social media post to a website visit to surgery, the goal is to create a seamless and positive atmosphere for maximum return-visit potential.

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6. Data Matters

There's no more powerful tool at your disposal when it comes to segmentation and personalized messaging than your data. Leverage your internal data with your CRM to find your ideal audience and their preferred methods of consuming information. This will take your marketing to the next level and ensure you are targeting and speaking to people at the right time in the right place and via the right channel.

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7. Traditional (Still) Matters

Sure, digital marketing may be taking center stage when it comes to healthcare marketing and patient recruitment, but traditional and print marketing still holds its place in your budget. There are just new rules by which to play—targeting millennials who are now entering young adulthood and middle age will be key to future patient rosters. Target them with relatable, authentic messaging to improve buy-in for years to come.

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Next Steps for 2018

Not sure where to start, what marketing technology works or how to bring revenue into your new healthcare service? Give us a shout as we would be happy to talk. Click here to start a conversation with Epicosity—a specialist in the healthcare marketing field.

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