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Best Practices for Promoting Your Open Clinic Positions

Justin Smorawske


So you have an open position (or probably several)—when it comes to recruiting the right employees for your hospital or clinic, where do you start? You know the basics—job boards, listings on your website, etc.—but what about some fresh strategies to drive more quality candidates through your doors?

Here are some additional methods to make your clinic's roster more top-notch.


More employment seekers than ever before are scrutinizing a work environment before even remotely considering it as a potential future workplace—that's why showing off your culture is key to recruiting the most excited, dedicated clinic employees. Make use of your "careers" page on your website to host first-hand stories from your most bought-in employees, and display it in the form of video content whenever possible. Offer up a taste of what makes your particular work environment stand out from the sea of sameness in the clinic and hospital industry. Make them believers in your brand.


When it comes to social platforms, you have loads of potential in reaching a wider hiring pool through Twitter. While it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of the millions of tweets posted daily, if you approach your efforts with the right strategy in mind, you can see potential nibbles. Try utilizing hashtags specific to your industry or region (i.e., #HealthcareJobsDenver or #SeattleClinicOpenings) or tweeting at job-specific Twitter accounts, whether they're geographically based or healthcare-industry-based. This can drive more curated traffic to your listing.


Think LinkedIn is a dead platform? Not so much. Though its user base is smaller than broader social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it curates some of the lowest-hanging fruit for your clinic recruitment efforts. Try posting your job opening in applicable user groups based on interest area or making use of engaging, eye-catching organic posts from your company account. Your most avid followers are probably the biggest believers in your healthcare brand and mission. (The real results will come from sponsored listings, though—target the most ideal candidates through LinkedIn's paid media capabilities.)


One way to cut down on the length of your search process is to pull from the existing marketplace—if you have a robust healthcare community in your region, there are countless potential candidates in your immediate vicinity. So how do you find the most experienced healthcare professionals in your area? You meet them where they're at—serve ads based on likely candidate locations through geo-fencing. For entry-level employee searches, this may include notable healthcare-focused college campuses, and for more experienced employees, this may include the campuses of your competing clinics.

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