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Recruitment efforts for colleges and universities have for a long time focused on mailers and college fairs. But with the ongoing generational tendency toward digital and web usage, there’s more incentive than ever to up your game in this medium with your own student-recruitment efforts.

Our e-book, "15 Improvements to Your College or University Digital Strategy That Boost Student Recruitment," will guide you through:

  • Ways to make your website more attractive to search engines 
  • Tips for optimizing your page performance
  • Methods for making the most of your college's or university's social media profiles
  • Engaging with your target audience through valuable content 

The following e-book outlines 15 of the many ways in which you can take advantage of digital media and advertising to amp up your efforts and meet your consumer base (the elusive high schooler) where it’s at – online. Complete the download form to the right to get started!

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