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Developing an Effective Landing Page for Your Bank Brand

Andrew Helland

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that most online experiences begin with search engines. Because organic search is one of the most valuable marketing channels out there, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial.  Banks and credit unions, specifically, are huge beneficiaries of SEO. Any given month, the long-tail keyword “banks near me” can receive 30,000 to 70,000 searches, according to WebFX. With a huge amount of people regularly searching for FIs, you have the opportunity to increase your market share.

Getting potential customers to click your ad is only half the battle, though. Landing pages provide visitors with answers to common questions and additional information, typically with a single objective—whether that may be submitting an email address, filling out a survey or applying for an offer. Your landing page can be the first step in a customer’s relationship with a brand.

Consider these tips, and offer users a unique experience by developing an effective landing page.

Keep It Simple

Your landing page should let users decide whether your service is valuable to them or not. Time is precious, so make sure your information is clear and concise. Lots of copy with no variety isn’t attractive. In order to inform and keep visitors on the page, don’t make your copy vague or overwhelming, but rather sharp and encouraging.

Catch the Eye

An easy way to keep visitors on your webpage and intrigued is to have navigable design and layout. User-friendly pages make them easier for interaction. Use images and aesthetics to evoke an emotional response and to improve your page’s visual appeal. Warm and coherent colors can be inviting and keep visitors’ attention. A strong, professional design can establish trust and reassurance to visitors.

Encourage Action

Make taking an action on your page as simple as possible. Include steps or contact information that are going to encourage your desired call to action. Your content and call to action have to be persuasive, so reward your visitors for submitting their contact information with offers or services that are truly valuable.

Landing pages are very important. Not only do they communicate information, but they also have the opportunity to give a good first impression of your banking brand. Highlight these ideas when designing an effective landing page, and take full advantage of visitors clicking your ads.

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