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Employee of the Quarter: Aaron Puckett

Epicosity Staff


Second quarter is well on its way, so it's high time we shout out our most recent Employee of the Quarter honoree. This time around, we're patting one of our talented and dedicated digital strategists—Aaron Puckett.

Aaron has been keeping endlessly busy over in the digital department, wowing clients and team members alike with his novel ideas for web projects and digital campaigns. By the looks of the nominating submissions, the guy is straight up "crushing it."

Let's dive into some of these accolades he's amassed since the beginning of the year:

  • Continues to take on new projects and impress the team with his mad skills
  • Works with patience and good ideas
  • Shows that he can think about the big picture and use data to guide his choices
  • Brings a dose of practicality—takes on new clients and projects without skipping a beat
  • Provides top-notch recommendations and strategies that truly hit the mark
  • The dude has been a machine since he arrived—he deserves the recognition... but mostly the parking spot

Congrats, Aaron! You earned it!