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Employee of the Quarter: Katie Levitt

Epicosity Staff


Another quarter has come and gone here at the Epicenter and, this time, one of our treasured creative directors came out on top—Katie Levitt.

It may come as no surprise, given that the word "creative" is right there in her title, but Katie has been driving successful teams and crushing creative solutions for Epicosity clients this quarter. The citizens of the Epicenter have taken note and recognized all of her hard work in their glowing nominations.

Let's see what Katie's fans had to say about her:

  • Positive attitude, relentless passion, unending ideas to client problems
  • Keeps pushing her ideas without settling
  • Creates sound rationale and presents her ideas to clients in ways that help them see her vision
  • Never hesitates to make the entire team look good and succeed in the client's eyes
  • Challenges our clients to surpass their own expectations of success
  • Encourages our designers to keep pushing in order present the best possible designs to the client

Congrats, Katie!