Feel that unseasonable but totally pleasant moderate weather? Surely it's a sign that it's time for another illustrious and storied Employee of the Quarter at Epicosity! This quarter we're celebrating a member of the team who stepped up to the plate in all-hands-on-deck situations, delivered some incredibly effective client presentations and never broke a sweat. This quarter's honoree is Ruth Sturm, our resident digital strategist.

Ruth has kept on top of a multitude of client projects this quarter and has kept offering her clients the best and brightest new ideas in digital strategy, SEO and PPC endeavors.

But how about those nominations? Here's what the team had to say about Ruth:

  • “Big smile. Big nerd—in the best SEO way possible.
  • “An awesome presentation that opened up new sales opportunities—go Ruth!
  • “She's a relied-upon asset for clients. She's consistently knowledgeable and personable.
  • "Ruth goes above and beyond to give her clients great strategies and care."
  • “She's a strong, independent woman who don't need no man.” (That one's a bit of an inside joke, all told.)

Congrats, Ruth! You ruled the quarter!