Launching a rebrand under a typical scenario is an equally exciting and challenging experience. Plug in the element of doing so under uniquely extenuating circumstances, and brand-new challenges arise. So how can a business effectively showcase a new look and feel under the veil of a pandemic?

Here are a few ways in which businesses can navigate this scenario.

Changing the Messaging

When it comes to launching a new brand, showcasing just how awesome this new look and feel is becomes priority number one. But when something as eventful as a global pandemic enters the picture, the messaging choices are going to be key. Shifting that narrative from feeling like a chest-thumping moment to something that's wrapped in being mindful of your customers or members is your new No. 1 priority. But take this as an opportunity to showcase the human element of your new brand—what is it about your newly launched style that lends itself to putting customer first? And what does it mean in this new era for your business? Moving the focus to consumer is the most important part of framing up your messaging during crisis, rebrand or not.

Show Your Face

From internal communication to external marketing, video content that features faces and familiarity is more crucial than ever, with your employees and your end consumers missing their opportunities to have face-to-face interaction with your team. Announce a new effort, a new service offering or an update to your hours or customer service through video content—and put your team members front and center. Brands can be even more powerful when they're people-focused—it adds to authenticity, relatability and likability in the long run.

Know Your Consumers

A rebrand also offers you the unique opportunity to think about your consumers and your products and services in a different way. Particularly with the current pandemic, how might what you sell or offer be of less or more value to consumers dealing with the ins and outs of the crisis? How can your team adapt your offerings to make sense for the customers you serve? This will be especially important as you continue to market your products—you don't want to sell something that no one wants or needs when purse strings are being tightened. The key element is this—focus first on serving the community and second on pushing product. Your brand will benefit long-term from community-building far more than it will haphazardly trying to close sales during the unprecedented circumstances.

Serve First

And that's really the foremost way to endear your brand to existing and new customers—find ways that you can support, serve and give in the near-term and do your part in your own way, so that your brand withstands the test of time and the court of public opinion. You see banks and credit unions cutting interest rates and halting required loan payments, and retailers using their tools and materials to create needed medical supplies. It's about matching need with demonstrated innovation—your brand shouldn't sit still during marked change. These are the efforts that will have the biggest long-term effect on your new brand in a scenario such as this. These endeavors can range from gestures as small as a verbal show of support, to an uplifting social campaign, to making donations of funds, time and talents.

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