How is your brand walking the fine line of sensitivity when it comes to promoting your business during the current world climate? There's a positive, impactful way to navigate marketing your products and services in a responsible, efficient and meaningful way, and a lot of it has to do with agility.

Read on for more on what makes agile marketing key when a marketplace is disrupted.

How should i respond?

With updates to current health crisis revealing themselves on an almost minute-by-minute basis, businesses are being thrust into a scenario in which reacting promptly and in a timely fashion can seem critical. One thing hasn't changed—when talking about marketing and content strategies, forward-looking is paramount. The difference now is the definition of looking ahead—moving from developing and queueing evergreen content months in advance to developing content up to the minute. After all, much of the branded content you've perhaps developed over the past few months prior to the pandemic might now need to be back-burnered due to limited relevance or potential insensitivity.

Pillar One: Communication

The easiest way to replace your evergreen content bank with assets that are relevant and appropriate is through mere communication—messaging togetherness, messaging up-to-the-hour relevancy and making your communication two-way to build solidarity and bend a listening ear. Channel selection has, in fact, become more important than ever—social media being the most obvious area for inspection. With the vast increase in consumption of social content in such a short amount of time, your social strategy will need to adapt to the busier digital marketplace, perhaps by making your social efforts multi-dimensional and channel-unique.

Pillar Two: Service

When the way in which you do business drastically changes, the first element to place under the microscope is perhaps service. How do the channels by which you provide your services change with remote patrons and consumers? What does your infrastructure allow, and how quickly can you bring it to market to stay in immediate communication with your customer base? Your customer support outlets are going to be the lowest-hanging fruit—start there to make yourself as available as possible to your end consumers.

Pillar Three: Speed

The amount of speed required to maintain contact with consumers in the current circumstances merits a nearly unprecedented amount of agility from businesses. Change is constant, depending on the regions you serve, and this might be a unique opportunity for your business to evaluate its models and the efficiency therein. What's working, and what bogs down your customer journey? How quickly can you adapt these processes, and how do you prioritize them against your staffing, capacity and ROI? This might take the form of adapting new marketing channels, new software or new capabilities to meet potential demand and train up staff on newly adopted protocols and practices.

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