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Epicosity Ideas Week: Q&A with Creative Director Scott Ostman

Epicosity Staff


In honor of our week-long celebration of all things ideas, we sat down with our critically acclaimed Creative Director Scott Ostman to get the low-down on why ideas matter in marketing, how much Epicosity values ideas and what makes him most excited about working on a creative team.

Why Does Creative Matter?

Too many businesses throw ads together—whether local TV spots or local newspapers—and there’s nothing "there." No idea, no imagination, no personality. I think good creative gets a business noticed. If you’re in any industry, there’s a lot of sameness—the difference comes down to the brand, which is driven by the creative. It’s all about creating a unique personality for each client’s brand, and putting it out there in an interesting manner so people will actually pay attention to it.

How Do Ideas Play a Role in Marketing?

It gives you a good springboard to greatness. If there isn’t an idea there, what are you doing? What are you talking about? What are you promoting? An idea gives you something more special—something unique that is going to stand out from all the clutter that’s out there.

Why Do Ideas Matter to Epicosity?

We've heard from many clients that they appreciate that we come to them with ideas they didn’t ask for. If we’re providing ideas for our clients—if we’re thinking on their behalf—we’re able to take the blinders off and think beyond a narrow view. We have the ability to look at it from a broader point of view to come up with things that differentiate both ourselves and the client. If you keep presenting ideas to clients, you become a partner, not a vendor.

What makes you proudest of being a creative?

You get to make a difference. Every once in a while, it dawns on you—"really, I get paid for this?" You get a chance to make a difference to a client’s bottom line. That means more than awards. When you do something and a client calls you back, says, "Wow—that really killed it.” That’s what makes a difference. You get to do something that is actually fun, challenging and interesting.

What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

The whole thing is problem-solving. It’s taking what you know and trying to come at it from different angles. Trying to base your decisions on a combination of gut feeling, experience and research to come up with something compelling and resonates with whomever you’re talking to.

What do you see for the future of creative at Epicosity?

I want to get everybody on the creative team swinging for the fences. To get everybody on board with not being afraid to fail. To believe that anything is possible. It’s about focusing on getting everyone to be inspired to be better. To make sure everything we’re presenting is the best it can be, to turn some of these ideas into something special. Laying a foundation so when I ride off into the sunset, there’s a great team in place that can do even better.
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