Epicosity was lucky enough to win four 2015 Davey Awards for campaigns for four of our clients. The Davey Awards are described as "the largest and most prestigious awards competition exclusively for the 'Davids' of creativity." 

They're named for the story of David and Goliath, in which strength was derived from a big idea rather than expansive resources - or in this case, big marketing budgets. Here's the list of client work that was chosen:

Gold Winner

Category: Other

Winning Entry: "Grip Zone" (Springfield Armory)


Silver Winners

Category: Bank

Winning Entry: "Strings Attached" (Voyage Federal Credit Union)

Category: Catalog

Winning Entry: "Unsung Hero" (Mec-Gar)


Category: Catalog

Winning Entry: "Solid as a Rock" (Armscor-Rock Island Armory)