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Epicosity's Core Values: Make Your Life's Work. Today.

Scott Ostman


Doing the greatest work of your life doesn’t just happen. It’s a process of planting seeds, being patient and being persistent. It’s a journey that lasts a lifetime (or a career)—not a brief moment in the spotlight.

“Make Your Life’s Work. Today.” It’s one of our core values at Epicosity. It serves as a constant reminder of why we’re in this business. But how do we go about living these words? 

Stop Asking for Permission.

Think about it. For much of our lives, we’ve been programmed to ask for permission. In school, we had to raise our hand before we spoke. At work, we have to ask permission to take time off. And so on.

Asking permission is great if you strive for the status quo. But asking permission will rarely lead to meaningful work. On the creative side of our business, we have to give ourselves permission to fail, to suck, and to try things that might not work. No one will grant us that permission. We have to give it to ourselves.

Waiting for Inspiration? Don’t.

You never know when and where inspiration will strike. Could be today. Could be next week. So why wait for it?

As An Ideas Company, we must act in anticipation of inspiration. Yes, great work happens from inspiration, but inspiration will only come to those who anticipate it. Keep swinging for the fences. Think in terms of volume of ideas first. Then edit those ideas until something amazing remains. That’s how we roll.

Never Miss an Opportunity.

Making your life’s work today is about jumping on opportunities. Within our walls, we have plenty of freedom to do so. Even if it means going outside our walls to put us in the right frame of mind. Be it a coffee shop, a brewery or a nearby park. Our minds are always working.

Every choice we make about how we spend our day is like a drop of paint on a canvas. With each drop, we plant a seed for what becomes our body of work. And that’s the masterpiece that becomes the greatest work of our life.

Each day, we must ask ourselves if we’re ready to do the work we signed up to do. If we answer “yes,” that’s how great creative careers get built. That’s how we make our life's work. Today.

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