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Epicosity's Core Values: Relentlessly Pursue the Goal

Justin Smorawske

Epicosity’s DNA has always been entrepreneurial and growth-based. Since starting the company more than 10 years ago, we’ve been through name changes, a growing team and now even a growing building! From our beginnings as a start-up and through our inter-departmental workflows today, we’re completely focused on how we bring our clients closer to their customers.

As our agency grows we've continued to build an environment that is focused on creativity, growth and connection. Relentlessly pursuing the goal is what our business was built on—taking every opportunity to get closer to our end result, stopping only when the job is finished and the best product is delivered.

We subscribe to this value in many ways, but here are some ways we’re striving to do this each day. 

Start From the End

Set your sights. What are you venturing to accomplish? At the end of the journey, how will you know that you were successful? These questions will help you get to an answer that shouldn’t be overthought or over-processed. Finding this first piece is a balance between disproportionate ambition and grounding your goals in practicality—and everyone has different dispersions of the two.

We’ve had to adapt our own goals to fit who we are as we’ve grown and where we expect to grow in the future. Becoming a fast-moving Inc. 5000 agency considered one of the "50 Best Places to Work" in the upper midwest was the byproduct of the people that we brought to the organization—and now our company goals are founded on how we can better take care of our clients and our own people to drive our agency forward.

Clearly define your vision, but be open to new ways of thinking as you travel down the path to your goals. It is inevitable that obstacles will come in your way. Be flexible, and don't sweat the small stuff. Keep your head down, and focus on where you want to be. 

Active Patience

Let's embrace an oxymoron—you know, like "original copy" or "jumbo shrimp." That’s what active patience is. It’s very hard to remain relentless for extended periods of time. People have lives and emotions and families that can easily cloud the clear vision set ahead. It’s important to find the balance of how you manage your wellbeing during the pursuit of your goals.

We’ve learned together from experience that active patience is helpful in finding this balance. It is a combination of remaining patient and determined over time on your macro goal and vision, while being wholly focused and consistent on a day-to-day micro level. Moving fast daily, while remaining patient for large-scale results and shifts, can be made easier with scheduling effectively, setting up checkpoint meetings and dividing your time between coordinating and executing.

Appreciate the Journey

We pursue many goals at Epicosity, but, for us, it isn’t just the end result we are after. We emphasize humility and appreciation of the journey, respecting the struggle and striving for the growth that occurs along the way to our goals. This is what drives us to create, connect and truly put our hearts into the work we do here.

Our clients trust us to make meaningful business impact through our services, and that is our No. 1 goal on any new or existing project. We are obsessed with making sure our clients have a clear vision of success and an expert team willing and able to scratch and claw for the best result possible.

"The man at the top of the mountain didn't fall there."

- Vince Lombardi

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