Don’t think of the E-Tern Program as a stepping stone. Think of it as a supercharged rocket launcher.

Our E-Tern program is a 12-week, paid program open to three students looking for a big break. It’s a sneak peek at agency life in all its glory and horror. It’s a real-life learning experience with exposure to a lot of cool stuff and a chance to rub elbows with some pretty big dogs in the business world.

You won’t be a gopher or a coffee fetcher. You won’t be making copies or collating stuff. You’ll also be a contributor, a collaborator and a fresh perspective. And if you’re 21, you’ll even be a privileged patron of Craft Beer Friday.

We’re looking for peeps with smarts, an amazing work ethic, a collaborative spirit, and a deep desire to be awesome(er). Deadline to apply is January 18.

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