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How a Street Marketing Strategy Can Work Wonders

Posted by Eric Sivertsen on May 23, 2018 9:58:24 AM


Your business's outdoor marketing efforts shouldn't be restricted to simply billboards—with a little bit of planning, production and brainstorming, you can come up with some out-of-the-box street marketing ideas that could work wonders for a consumer-facing brand.

Here are just a handful of potential opportunities for your marketing efforts.


Bus wraps and bench advertising might already be in your strategy, but does your community offer bike-share programs? According to USA Today, biking as a means of commuting has increased 60 percent over 10 years ago. This is a unique opportunity for you to gain some new eyeballs while supporting a green-friendly program. Sponsor your community's shared bikes with handlebar and spoke advertising, and it'll improve your brand equity with younger audiences and offer you a boost in your eco-consciousness quotient.

Interactive Fixtures

Some of the strongest street marketing campaigns of recent years have been interactive fixtures for passersby to investigate and experience. Think about the classic "Coke vs. Pepsi" tests of previous decades. Now, brands are sending street teams out to capture real-time video of potential customers experiencing your products (or even just a metaphor for what you stand for as a company) out in the wild. It makes for memorable social content and it positions you as more in touch with your core audience. College or university? Leave a mock "dorm room of the future" in a public space and watch people interact with it. Retailer? Place a display of your newest products in public with ballot boxes for voting for people's favorite new designs. Interactivity is key.

Convenience Services

You see them at airports and shopping malls—smartphone charging stations are a great example of a convenience service that you could offer via kiosks or existing infrastructure, and brand them with your business's core messages. Endear yourself to your end consumer by offering free wifi in a designated area or water bottle refills. Think about what your audience most likely needs throughout the day (but doesn't always get), and be there for that moment.



There's nothing like an eye-catching piece of street art to leave an impression. Partner with local property developers—are there buildings in need of a fresh coat of paint or sidewalks or curbs up for grabs? This sort of creative artistry can be a game-changer for cause-based and nonprofit campaigns looking for a stark message-delivery system. And it can also be powerful when paired with a community beautification effort. Talk to your city planners about opportunities for some unique "canvases."

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