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How Brands Can Use Tumblr to Their Marketing Advantage

Luke Tatge


If you're looking to diversify a brand's social presence, it can take venturing into some unknown territory to extend your reach. That's why platforms such as Tumblr can direct new leads to your products and services. If you're a consumer brand with a target audience in the 25-or-younger set with moderate disposable income, it may be a good fit.

Here are a few ways for a brand to get started using Tumblr.

Optimize Your Content

Tumblr can be a great tool for optimizing your brand's content marketing strategy. Just keep in mind the types of content that resonates best with the users you're likeliest to find on the platform—imagery, short-form written content and meme- and GIF-worthy graphics. Embrace the lighter side of your brand when assembling Tumblr content—as it's a micro-blogging platform, it's your opportunity to engage with humor and an entertainment factor. The likelier your followers are to share your content on other platforms, the stronger your use case is.

Narrow Your Content

Your most likely Tumblr fans are going to be your most ardent fans. As such, use Tumblr as an opportunity to develop niche content built specifically for this audience. (As opposed to your general-audience-appealing content on Facebook and Twitter.) Including highly shareable and snackable content, such as quotations and engaging, short written pieces bolstered by platform-unique graphics and animations can be a strong proposition for sharing among Tumblr users.

Encourage Creation

One of the benefits of Tumblr is the ability to engage more directly with your end consumers. Users are apt to creating content that plays into your brand's goals—you just have to engage with them in a timely and meaningful way. Increasing your interactions with user posts, including reblogging or commenting on posts that relate to your brand, can improve your quotient with the greater Tumblr populace and improve your reach. To impel this, encourage user-generated content in your posts—and don't forget to follow-back your fans. Keep tabs on what users are doing, and respond accordingly.

Pare Down Video

Whether it's product demos, repurposed TV spots or scripted, episodic content, the social-media-based videos your brand produces may play well in longer formats on other channels, such as YouTube and Facebook, but paring them down for platforms such as Tumblr (or Instagram, for that matter) is important. Video plays very well on Tumblr, but videos clocking in at a minute or less earn 40 percent more engagement than those at multi-minute running times. Just remember to keep the coherency—consider cross-platform usage before creating video content so shorter and longer cuts will still be engaging once they leave the editing room.

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