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How to Attract the Best Hiring Candidates to Your Bank or Credit Union

Justin Smorawske


Retail banks and credit unions by their very nature endure a decent amount of turnover, depending on how far-reaching their locations are. So when it comes to hiring the best employees for your FI, it can be hard to track down the most well-suited for the job.

Here are some tips for attracting top-quality candidates.

Put Team Member Faces Forward

When it comes to traditional office jobs, employment-seekers have an innate fear of getting lost in the shuffle of hierarchy and corporate-mindedness. The way you combat this impression with you potential hires is to put your team members front and center in your employment advertising. Place your biggest brand believers—those employees who love to talk about how fulfilling and rewarding working for your bank or credit union is—in showcase positions in your social, web and print marketing. (It doubles as a positive effect for your overall consumer brand, as well, to see happy employees.)

Bank on Referrals

Word of mouth is the most powerful tool at your disposal. When your financial institution has openings, your first step is to reach out to your existing employees. The likeliest to refer a friend or former co-worker to the position are those with the most buy-in into the organization. And this goes beyond simply internal referrals—consider reaching out to your top-tier personal banking clients about openings. Those with the highest level of wallet share will be more likely to do some promotion for you before you've even spent a dime on paid promotion.

Test Out Potential Applicants

Not sure who's the best fit on paper? Give them a go in the actual bank or credit union setting. Host a job-shadowing day for young people in your branch communities to attract entry-level tellers. Or offer an open call for community members seeking employment to try out one of the areas of your organization. Vetting potential employees proactively like this can set up your hiring process to be much more efficient in the long run.

Source on Interest

You've heard it a hundred times—"you have to love what you do." This applies to those in the financial industry, as well. So when you're on the hunt for great candidates for a position at your bank or credit union, look for local or campus-based groups that promote financial wellbeing or education, property development or investments. These are the most passionate people in your area and could be the most apt hires for your positions.

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