While most schools are either doing nothing or continuing to market like nothing has happened, your college or university can take a different approach. Don't give into fear; utilize the tools at your disposal to adjust to the times and make a difference for students and prospects.


So what can you say right now that's helpful? When is a good time to inject yourself into the conversation? We've put a few thoughts together in hopes of giving you a starting point on what to do next. We sincerely hope you find it helpful.



Think about peoples' emotional state of mind right now. If people are afraid, now's not the time to pretend they aren't. It's also not the time to market to a state of fear or panic. Getting this wrong could severely damage your brand's reputation.



What are some of those marketing or branding projects that have been on the back burner? Now’s a good time to tackle some of those things. Get your brand in order so that when things return to normal, you can hit the ground running.



With most campuses closed, now's a good time to trot out those video tours. If you don't have one, at least reach out to a handful of outgoing current students and have them create some authentic videos on their phone to tout how your sense of community is keeping everyone together.



Social distancing reinforces how important your online presence is. Use it to your advantage by making people aware of your distance learning opportunities.


Use the power of video.

Yes, there’s a lot of noise out there. But your students and prospects want to hear from you. They really do. Video is powerful anytime. But now more than ever, it’s the only way to get some face time with your audiences.

You have a video camera in your phone. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it’s a great time to add personal videos to your social channels. If you need help or want to add branded graphics, we’re here for you.



A New Kind of Classroom

With remote learning happening, do some fun videos where faculty can show off their makeshift home classroom. Or have them show their morning commute from bedroom to kitchen table. You get the idea.


Follow The Leader

Despite quarantining and social distance, now’s a great time to have your President and other key leaders front and center with frequent updates. Video is a great way to get some face time and to provide transparency about your school’s stance on COVID-19.


Have Some Fun

With most of peoples’ energy being consumed with COVID-19, it might be a welcome distraction to remind people it’s okay to have fun at a time like this. Use video to introduce a trivia contest. Show creative ways your team is making the best of the situation. Now more than ever, people need a reason to smile.


Change your marketing plan. NOW.

Use digital media more than ever so your brand voice doesn't go silent. With more people staying home, also consider TV as a great way to put yourself out there. Either way, now is a great time to remind parents and prospective students how higher ed will impact career opportunities when things return to normal.


Navigate Uncharted waters.

These are certainly strange and difficult times, but you can be a beacon of hope, help, and encouragement as we navigate these uncharted waters. Don't give into fear, and don't bury your head in the sand and go about marketing as usual like nothing has happened. Adjust to the times. You've got this. Team Epicosity is here for you. We've got your back.


Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us. We're here for you!